We travel quite a bit up and down the Central Coast.  We visit and teach at Beauty Schools and Hair Salons and we just love talking to people everywhere we go.  One of the first conversations that most people have is the "where are you from" or "where is your salon" conversation.  We also like to have some great places to recommend to visitors or people new to town.  So, we thought we would put together a collection of some of our favorite things to talk about, refer people to and of course visit so our new friends could share in the "Local" or "Hometown" feel of Santa Maria..  Whenever anyone asks us for a recommendation, these are our go-to suggestions.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Places to Eat

Things to Do

Rancho Bowl

We love going bowling we also love going to the drive in.  We have both on our list so, enjoy!

Hi-Way Drive-In

There aren't a lot of drive-ins left in California and I've been going to this one since I was a kid.  Get some snacks pack up the pillows and enjoy a fun night cramped in the car.

Santa Maria Civic Theater

I love this little theater.  Very intimate and the cast are always fun.

Foxen Canyon

My first taste of freedom in my own car was celebrated on the back roads between Santa Maria and Santa Barbara.  My first taste of wine was on those same back roads (with a dd of course!).  I recommend Zaca Mesa for so many reasons.

Places to Stay

Fairfield Inn and Suites

I'm very biased toward this hotel because they have vegetarian sausage every morning and they upgrade us every time we stay.  So, if your vegetarian and you wake up WAY before your hotel partner for breakfast, this might be the place for you.

Candlewood Inn and Suites

My sister loves this hotel, my parents do too, everyone recommends it to visiting families.  I think that is a good enough reason to consider this hotel for your visit.

Santa Maria Inn

A haunted hotel with a hair salon and a pub inside?  I have been to so many weddings, dances and receptions here that I can not count them all.  The rooms are older but the experience is worth at least one visit.


I've stayed at the Radisson a few times when I needed a place to stay near the airport.  There is a restaurant inside that is good, they have lots of events and its convenient to old town Orcutt..