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Napoleon Blonde Hair Studio is a member of The Professional Beauty Association  & The National Salon Association. We have participated in the North American Hairdressing Awards annually since 2004. Members of our team have taught at Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchell and Wella Academies. Everyone on our team participates in ongoing monthly trainings to keep the salon up to date, with everyone on a successful career path.  All of our stylists participate in fundraising events for the community, fashion shows (for us), in salon guest education parties and manufacturer/distributer shows to share the wealth with our entire circle of influence.

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Napoleon Blonde Hair Studio is a member of the Professional Beauty Association and the National Salon Association. Our team has participated in the North American Hairdressing Awards annually since 2004. Members of our permanent team have been educators for Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchell, Wella Academies and Cosmoton Academy. Everyone on our core team participates in ongoing monthly trainings to keep the salon styles and ideas up to date and current with the modern trends in fashion, hair, music and art. All of our stylists have opportunities to participate in fundraising events for the community, fashion shows or photo shoots, in salon guest education parties and manufacturer/distributor shows.

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Our Story

When we first started looking for a salon home of our own we were imagining a 10-20 chair location. We had names picked out like Edgebox, The  Color Cathedral, The League of Extrordinary Designers and Cosmoton.

The day that our friend took us out to see what would become our first salon, Laura was finishing Napoleon and Josephine a Love Story.  As we walked up to the door of the shop we were thinking..."which name makes the most sense for this location" and " how will this location be perceived by our guests if we use x,y or z name".  As we stepped into the door we both looked around and contemplated our future.  After a moment or two Laura and I met up in the middle of the little 6 chair salon and we just kinda looked at each other.  When laura finally broke the contemplative silence she said "it's kinda Napoleon". We both laughed and said we would think about it. On the way home we discussed all of the names, branding ideas and pitfalls of our prepare plans and in the end we decided that Napoleon would be a great name for our "micro salon with an imperial heart".  We opened our d.b.a. as "Napoleon Color Bar and Lather Lounge" the micro salon with an imperial heart!

We probably shouldn't have had "bar" in the title because we had more hits for the bar than we had for our hair services so that's a LOT of hits. When we moved to Santa Barbara we kept the name Napoleon and payed homage to the salon we worked at previously named Tokyo Blonde.  At our new location on upper state street we opened under the name "Napoleon Blonde" tag line "Color Cut Treat Conquer" and Napoleon took off and became more than we had ever expected with a life and character of its own.  Somewhat independent of us but still infused with our character and personalities.

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Our Philosophy

Napoleon Blonde is a micro salon with an imperial heart. We believe in an uncompromising commitment to quality and experience which has led us to an almost 100% referral based business.  We treat every guest as if they were visiting us in our home.  We strive for southern hospitality and consistent service experiences for every guest, everytime.

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Fearless Leader, Namesake and Inspirational Mentor

In 1804 when he was crowned Emperor of France he did not allow the pope to place the crown on his head, but instead crowned himself.  He is quoted as saying "If you want a thing done well, do it yourself."  He also led his team successfully because he believed that a leader is a dealer in hope.

The Napoleon Blonde team provides expert haircolor services, personalized upstyles and customized haircuts to individuals who want to be free from terrible hair days.  We truly are a drama free salon.  "Napoleon Blonde has an atmosphere that is small, cozy and welcoming"... "This is the salon to be in if you want the very best in a hair makeover".  Owned by Michael and Laura Funkhouser, former Paul Mitchell National Educators, specialize in creating the hair style of your dreams.

Come in, enjoy a glass of lemon or cucumber water or drink your choice of tea.  Nibble on biscotti and chocolates.  Relax under the hair steamer.  Ponder your world and imagine what inspires you.  Your appointment at Napoleon Blonde Studio is guaranteed to be like no other visit that you may have had at another salon.  This will not be your last visit  to a micro hair salon.

Salon services are by appointment only.  This ensures you receive the best treatment possible.  Come to your appointment solo or bring a friend for company.  Have a conversation with Laura about your haircolor or Michael about a suitable cut.  Share with us what excites you, your hobbies, your goals, your dreams or just choose to be still and silent in the moment that is your time in the salon.  Your appointment is all about you, just describe your hair needs and then live in the moment.

Michael and Lauras skills as a salon owners, Cutting & Color Specialist, Cosmetology Instructors and Salon Coach allow them to provide you with a specific level of expertise, vibrant energy and warm learning environment that you need in order to take your hair style to a whole new level.

Michael is a native resident to Santa Barbara County.  His wife Laura is from the Los Angeles County.  They teach haircolor classes to licensed stylists and Cosmetology students in Paul Mitchell Schools and Napoleon Blonde Studio and they also teache cutting, color or upstyle classes to salons and stylists all around the Central Coast and beyond.  Their classes have been held at beauty shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Santa Maria, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles California, Scotsdale, Az, San  Antonio, Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Laura Funkhouser

Colorist and Color Correction Specialist

Laura is "THE" Color Correction Specialist on the Central Coast - Her experience ranges from styling fashion forward hair at L.A. Fashion Week to teaching and working at Vidal Sassoon in both Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.  Laura was fortunate to have learned from and worked with Annie HumphreysMark Hayes, Lucas Etticity, Etienne Takana and Lucy Doughty.  Laura got her start doing wedding hair and upstyles in 2001 and continued following her passion of being a "color specialist" through years of education, practice and experience.

Experience in the Beauty Industry:
Laura worked at Ledda Salon in Studio City, where she worked on a celebrity clientele and also mastered her skills as a colorist.  Laura also has experience working as a hair and make-up artist for Fashion Shows and Photo Shoots.  As a colorist Laura has spent an extensive amount of time learning more about the diverse color lines in the industry.  Currently Laura works at Napoleon Blonde Santa Barbara and Santa Maria by reservation only.

Laura excells in Tango, dance, and accordian, she also enjoys going to the movies and learning new things.

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"
-Walt Disney

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Our Napoleon Blonde team firmly believes that education dosen't end after beauty school and the people who continue to study their "craft" are the ones who are truly excited.  Our salon has extended training, team atmosphere, structure and a career path.  With our experience and expertise, we run a tight ship and have become known for implementing solid structure, culture, and a pleasant work environment for all involved.  We have had and will always have a focus on service, which is a huge part of our guests experience.
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Michael Funkhouser

Cutting Specialist

Michael is our salon Cutting Specialist - He has worked with and learned from the Masters of the industry like Alee Cao, Noogie Thai, D.J. Muldoon, Robert Cromeans, Takashi Kitamura, Pamela Perettie and Stephanie Kocielski to name just a few. His passion is  doing upstyles for special events both large and small.  Michael is also a certified Deva Cutting Stylist specializing in curly hair not as a trend but as a lifestyle.  Michael found his passion for the hairdressing industry while assisting on a photo shoot in 2003 with Noogie Thai and the rest is history.  He is the author of "Mentorship Portfolio: A Curious Hairstylists Handbook to Accelerated Success".

Experience in the Beauty Industry:
Michael owns two salons with his Wife Laura Funkhouser,  Napoleon Blonde Hair Studio, located in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria.
Prior to owning his own salon Michael worked for Robert Cromeans and Pamela Peretie, where he perfected his skills as cutting specialist and updo specialist.  Along with being great at hair, Michael also wrote a book called "Mentorshop Portfolio," his book is about finding your mentor in the beauty industry and letting them guide you to success!
He has also worked on The Miss America Pageant, American Idol, and L.A Fashion Week!  He has a lot of knowledge in the beauty industry that he is excited to share with each and every guest.

Michael likes to write books, participate in Tango and dance, and he is also great at playing musical instruments, photography, cooking (graduate of Le Cordon Bleu), and motivational speaking.

"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Socrates

"Don't sacrifice what you want most, for what you want now." -Peter Vidmar

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Napoleon Blonde is divided into specialists.  Please make your reservation based on the service that most concerns you.  This is important as we are often called upon to correct discoveries for new guests.