napoleon at home

Why don't you answer your phone?

We do answer the salon phone on such very rare occasions that it seems as if we never do.  Some possible reasons why include: if we are working in the salon we are usually with guests and can not interrupt their experience. if we are not in the salon, usually we are teaching at the school and don't carry our phones in the classroom.  if it's any time other than those then we are enjoying being off work like everyone else.

Our best advice is email or text, we check emails at least every three days and we can easily and surreptitiously send a text out as we walk past the phone while mixing color or grabbing a clean comb.

Why can't I make an appointment online?

We book out about three months in advance, occasionally we have cancellations and people get lucky with a day of or week of reservatiOn time but if you look about three months from the date your are trying for you will often find some spaces.  For that reason we always offer to re-schedule you at the end of your service with us, to ensure that you get the time and date that you most want.

Do you have customer service?

We like to think that we have good customer service and manners but that is often subjective. We tried a reservationists for a while but she ended up making more money than we did at the end of the year.  Now, we do the extra work ourselves and sometimes we can see where there is room for improvement.