We travel quite a bit up and down the Central Coast.  We visit and teach at Beauty Schools and Hair Salons and we just love talking to people everywhere we go.  One of the first conversations that most people have is the "where are you from" or "where is your salon" conversation.  We also like to have some great places to recommend to visitors or people new to town.  So, we thought we would put together a collection of some of our favorite things to talk about, refer people to and of course visit so our new friends could share in the "Locals Only" feel of Santa Barbara..  Whenever anyone asks us for a recommendation, these are our go-to suggestions.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Places to Eat


Java Station


Joe's Cafe


Los Agaves




We love going bowling in the same way that we love going to the drive in.  I know that bowling isn't what you would imagine you would be doing in Santa Barbara but, why not?

West Wind Drive In

There aren't a lot of drive-ins left in California and weirdly enough I grew up next to one and now live near another one.  Get some snacks pack up the pillows and enjoy a fun night cramped in the car.

Public Market

To be honest, I don't like going to the Public Market.  The same way I don't like going to the beach when the sun is at its zenith.  However, when it comes to "things to do in Santa Barbara" its a pretty good choice when the other choice is going to the beach at noon.

Santa Barbara Historical Museum

I love museums.  I like the Mission and it's very popular for first timers but I always wonder why more people don't go to the Historical Museum.  It's very interesting and centrally located.  It's an easy add on to any trip.

Places to Stay

Eagle Inn

This has always been and might always be my favorite "hotel" in Santa Barbara.  I like to be left alone and I like to feel like I'm in a secluded nook of town when I stay in a hotel.  This place even has fresh, warm cookies every couple hours.

Hotel Santa Barbara

Honestly, this is one of the two hotels we refer people to the most often.  I'm guessing it's because they are so convenient to downtown and "the Funk Zone".  I like it, its not the Eagle Inn but it's good for a tourist hotel.

Holiday Inn Express

This is the other hotel we recommend most of the time.  It's close to downtown, it's got a "meet and greet" time that I think is a great amenity when visiting a new town and they have snacks and wine while meeting and greeting.

The Upham

I think what I like about the Upham is what most people may not like about it.  It reminds me of a hotel that Wyatt Earp may have stayed in.  It's minimalist, quiet, has raccoon sightings and is super relaxing on the porch.  Also, its close to the Public Market.

Things to Do